SeaDragon Gallery

Celebrating American Imagination and Creativity

"Every single item for sale in our gallery has been made by hand--many by local artists and artisans, and almost all of the rest by an American artist or artisan. We do represent one Canadian potter (North American, just not US-American), and one fair trade item, hand-painted taper candles from a village in South Africa." We say these words over and over to our first-time visitors. Most are astonished to find a venue where all the work is hand-created and they marvel at the variety we showcase. Inevitably someone asks, how long have you been here?

Since 2001, SeaDragon Gallery in Duck has celebrated the imagination and creativity of American artisans by offering an eclectic collection of traditional and contemporary handcrafts and fine arts. Our cheerful gallery is filled with jewelry and works in pottery, glass, metal and wood by local Outer Banks, North Carolina artists and by artisans from across the United States. SeaDragon Gallery has become a must visit destination for our many summer visitors who delight in the variety and uniqueness of the works on display. Each item in our collection is selected with an emphasis on design and craftsmanship. In 2016, founder Paula Myatt sold SeaDragon Gallery to Eve Turek, who also owns Yellowhouse Gallery in Nags Head along with her husband Pete. Eve brings an extensive knowledge of local art to SeaDragon, as well as a lifelong love of fine American craft. She is an owner/artist, and brings her internationally award-winning photography to the gallery's offerings. 

It is our goal at SeaDragon Gallery to promote American artisans by providing our customers with a diversity of beautiful handmade goods combined with exceptional personal service. In our gallery you can chose from works by over 100 established and emerging artists, only a few of whom are shown here.

We invite you to visit SeaDragon Gallery, which is located in the Waterfront Shops just north of the water tower in Duck. There you can appreciate our full collection at your leisure and also enjoy the spectacular view and magnificent sunsets from our boardwalk along the Currituck Sound.

Partial Artist List


Christine Monaco, Waters Glass Works, Local Artist  

Larimar & Sterling by Leah Brown, Local Artist

Kathryn Osgood, Local Artist


Q Evon

Theresa Girzone Studios

Michael Michaud

Michael Vincent Michaud

Laura J Designs

Kazu Fuller


Carole Grandy

Mullanium, Jim and Tori Mullan

Sue Savage, Studio Picea

John Marchello

Reflections in Silver

The Gold Bug

John Welch, Local Artist


Redman Pottery, Local Artist 

Amy Gentry, VA/Local Artist

DeHaven Pottery, VA/Local Artist

Dirty Dog Pottery

Clay in Motion

Sound Shore Studio NC Artist 

Hilborn Pottery

Dock 6

Carolyn Sleeper NC Artist

Sandra and David Briggman Local Artist

River Otter Pottery

Jen Stein Studio 


Eve Turek, Owner, Photography

EM Corsa, Local Artist, Mixed Media

Stephanie Kiker Local Artist

Elizabeth Glass, RI/Local Artist, Oil

Deborah Hershey, PA/Local Artist, Mixed Media

Caroline Coto Local Artist

Suzy Unterzuber, Zooberwerx, Mixed Media


Kerry Reed, Carver, Local Artist

Michael Rizzo, Carver, Local Artist

Casey Canonge

Steve Baldwin


Sandra Briggman, Local Artist

T Rose Studio, VA Artist

WGK Glassworks

Vessel Studio Glass

​My Wildest Dreams Studio

Paul Bendzunas

Tri-Symbolize Glass


Eileen Williams, NC Artist

M Theresa Brown, NC Artist

One Wing Studio


Mike Boyce, local artist

John Riddick